When the author was a child, he had a real story around him. if he hadn't been engaged in research on many details of cancer prevention and control later, it would never have been a mystery that could not be solved by anyone.

  In the early 70' s, the rural area launched a campaign of " cutting the capitalist tail". each household could only feed 2 chickens to lay eggs as pocket money for necessities such as salt exchange and matches. There is a 70 - year - old " five guarantees" grandmother at the head of the neighboring village. after discussion by the production team, she is allowed to raise five and a half chickens ( one rooster calls and breeds the whole village ) as a subsidy to the old people's life. One early summer night, the old man heard someone stealing chickens, and faintly saw two people from the crack of the door. one of them was an acquaintance of the village. the old man called out his name as a test. he also saw that he had responded and said that I lived on these chickens. you can't do this. Before dawn, the old man found that there were three chickens missing. when he came to ask him for chickens immediately, the young man who was very gentle and not talkative at ordinary times spoke rudely. Just think, how could he pour this shit basin over his head? This chicken touch is the smallest and smallest thing in the word " stealing". both the official and the legal authorities have no provisions to check and handle it. The old man decided in anger that he could only use the " Wang Po scolding chicken" method to get over his hatred.

  So she stuck a straw man beside the road leading out into the village, covered herself with rotten cloth, burnt her face with broken paper, painted a pot of ash, and cursed with a spell. Whenever the villagers lined up to cross the road, she poured boiling water on the lawn four times a day and repeated cursing for not less than four to five hours. (In less than a month, the old man said he had a "zigzag rash", a viral infectious skin disease. There were no sanitary conditions at that time. People had more skin diseases with scabies, and people could infect different types of skin diseases at any time. However, other people suffering from such diseases are actively seeking "local law" or seeking medical treatment, and he feels that he is afraid to say that he is "carrying" it.)




  Due to the pressure in his heart, the heavy farm work during the day, the hunger and hunger pains, and the increased pain at night, it was not until a severe headache and syncope occurred in the field that people discovered that he had contracted the " waist - bound dragon" canker disease. Doctors say that it is the heat poison that attacks the heart and damages the facial nerve, thus causing the sequelae of trigeminal neuralgia and facial spasm. More than 20 years later, he sent off his parents and brought up his child. he hanged himself because he couldn't stand the pain of such a disease ( trigeminal pain ). before that, he said to his family. " I've done a disgraceful thing in my life, and I still treat my mother. god will punish me like this. don't pick up gold bars when you see them in the future. only when I'm relieved can I make amends to my grandmother." When he died, the whole village regretted seeing him off. For many years, as long as he knew who had difficulties in his family, he tried his best to help and regard other people's affairs as his own. in people's hearts, he was the first good person in the village who was eager to help others. No one will know that his family did not reveal his past years ago in grief.

  This example phenomenon can explain clearly the reason of his suicide whether it is " telepathy", " information transmission", " microwave", " psychological medicine", " digital aura" or Taoist " incantation energy" in modern dialectical materialist philosophy.

  Due to his usual lack of words and words, his character is not lang, his intention is everything, his communication with others is little, his situation is helpless, his method is wrong, and he is afraid to face it. If you want to get away with no evidence, you can do it yourself.



  When it comes to digital aura and induction energy, the author did a test, referring to the internal organs of the human body according to 1.2.3 ... 10 numbers. after being arranged and grouped according to different combinations of five elements of natural life and illness, the patient was allowed to speak silently for about one hour, three to five times a day, and most of the original symptoms were relieved immediately after 30 minutes. For example, " 2600, 870" lets a bronchial asthma sputum many people say, no matter thousands of miles away, as long as you follow this method, you can follow up the answer by phone after half an hour will be satisfactory.

  The explanation of the principles of traditional Chinese medicine and digital science is: " 2" refers to " lung" as gold in the five internal organs, " 6" refers to " kidney" as water, " 7" refers to " stomach" in the six internal organs, and " 8" refers to " spleen" in the five internal organs as soil. this means " jinsheng water" and " 0" refers to the energy needed to strengthen and enlarge the universe at this time. The " soil" of a strong spleen and stomach can produce gold and nourish everything at this time, and can transport water and damp to eliminate phlegm and saliva. This simple number refers to and matches the code. it not only relieves or treats various diseases, but also conforms to the natural logic theory of five elements, which is not superfluous.




  From the memory of ancient people to the transmission of telegrams during the war, until today, major scientific and technological achievements in various countries and even the codes of mobile phone number cashbox have served mankind all the time. The author only borrows the stories of past examples.First, he wants to analyze similar cases with scientific theories and natural phenomena to analyze the puzzle that people do not understand. Secondly, it shows that bad mental induction from outside, transmission of digital and cosmic energy information, etc. will directly promote the disorder of brain nerve and microwave, thus impairing the physical and mental health. Thirdly, we want to say that no matter what we do, we must be aboveboard in the sun, " freeze to death and the eagle will stand in the wind". we must stand up straight waist and stand tall. as long as we don't frown in our life, there should be no teeth in the world. "

  Careful observation and statistics of the patients in the outpatient department show that those who suffer from mental depression or major stimulus, or whose brains are acting against their wishes, suffer from mental illness, neurological disorders, insomnia, cancer, heart and brain diseases, and even " three highs" and obesity. the incidence of these groups is much higher than that of doctors, beauticians, dietitians, physiotherapists, literature and art, sports, scientific researchers, manual laborers, teachers, etc.

  The author takes this opportunity to appeal that for the sake of the harmony and health of the Chinese nation's large family, one cannot hide one's " conscience" to do things that harm one's self - interest, harm one's self-interest and harm one's self - interest, and remember that good and evil will always be rewarded. We can't just say " patriotic" and " lei feng" orally. we should strive to be everyone, everyone is human, re-emphasize our long-standing Chinese virtues, and live together in this harmonious and beautiful society. Remember, " conscience" is more likely to get cancer if it is broken.




  9. Change your mood and personality

  One's state of mind and disposition will also affect one's health and the occurrence and development of diseases. Especially those suffering from cancer. People often tell a story about a doctor who took the wrong CT in a hospital and saw it. as a result, people who were not sick were scared to death. Expert study on cancer believe that cancer is also related to the wrong instructions given by the brain center. impatience and bad state of mind can send many unhealthy information to the brain, causing it to be disturbed, thus sending out many information waves of disordered viscera and tissues. these microwave signals with certain energy and bad thoughts may promote or activate the DNA in the human body to develop day and night toward an unfavorable position. In particular, some people with an original family history of cancer have already activated their genes that carry a certain risk, resulting in the formation of cancer species that should not have occurred or that may occur several years later.

  Both traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine attach great importance to the influence of people's emotional changes on their curative effects. Spirit can be said to be the root of people's soul thinking. it can be said that after being stimulated, the nerve function and the microwave reception and transmission of brain information are disturbed, which also causes cancer to reach more than 95 %. This conclusion was summarized by researcher Li Yan of xinxing medical research institute of Xi' an, who investigated 160 patients who died of breast cancer. Some people say that it is very reasonable for the spirit to prevail over an " atomic bomb". we must learn to use this " atomic bomb" to defend our own " ,查看更多